Monday, 26 April 2010


So yeah. Ash.

Silly google, thats not what I meant.
Lets try again.

Did you mean: ash as in 'I hate Iceland' ash

(ah google, I knew you wouldn't forsake me.)

Iceland you have given the world many things. Not many spring to mind, but you are wonderful.
Then you make like the kid who farted in class except instead of toxic gases you let rip toxic ashes. And no one sits beside you in class for the rest of the year. I feel your pain.

I think I was the only person happy about Iceland's flatulence.
I happened to have a flight booked the day it happened and I wasn't planning on going, due to university interfering in my excursions.
So hey presto- refund just came through! KACHING!!
And what did I do with the surplus of monies? Well funny you should ask, I...ah... payed my rent. I know you envy my exciting life, don't lie.

In other recent news, I have finished uni for the year. But not exactly. I've been shipped away on work placement for the next two months, so I can learn things their to lazy to teach us in class. 'Practical experience' shall we call it?
I have one week down, and I'm ready for it to be over now, I want my life back. A nine to five job isn't something I'm cut out for. Long live my student life!

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Alyssa said...

Im hoping you didnt spend it all on rent... i mean you have to buy yourself a little something exciting to thank the ash gods :)